Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Quick notes: Terror hunt, Arab pride movement...

  • Hunt For A Terrorist: The details are so concrete that the NIA has warned the police forces of possible attacks in the coming months.

  • An ex-Mohammedan writes: Modern Muslims often pride themselves in the uniqueness of Islam, and it’s complete rejection of pre-Islamic paganism, a time referred to as the age of ignorance. And yet, historical study shows that the pilgrimage to the Kaa’ba, the fast and feast of Ramadan, the shahada, and even the crescent star symbol have pre-Islamic origins, to name a few. Only recently did it strike me that ultimately, the doctrines of Islam are not really about universality. Instead, Islam is essentially an Arab pride movement aimed at codifying and preserving Arabic culture. Particularly as modernity challenges the tenets of Islam, Arabian culture clings to Islam as a signifier of status.

  • English corrodes India: A young girl dropped her ice cream on the carriage floor. Her mother turned round and reminded her of what she evidently thought was an appropriate English word: "Say 'shit!' Say 'shit'!" she said strictly. You won't hear that on the 08:15 to Paddington.

  • Possible cure for Type-1 Diabetes Gut Cells May Be Coaxed to Make Insulin

  • Can meditation slow down the effects of age? The results were crystal clear. It was the first indication that feeling stressed doesn’t just damage our health – it literally ages us.

  • Chanting by English Children In Buckingham Palace:

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witan said...

“Chanting by English Children In Buckingham Palace”
We in India have something to learn from these children: to pronounce Sanskrit words correctly. Let us start with our National Anthem: it should be Jana Gana Mana .. etc. and not Jan-gun-man.