Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video of Xian pastor claiming Tiruvalluvar as a Xian saint.

aug 13th, 2009

poor christists. they have nothing of their own, so they have to steal from others.

also, this must be why karunanidhi recently inaugurated a tiruvalluvar statue in bangalore.

tiruvalluvar == christist.

prajapati == jesus.

brahma == abraham.

sarasvati == sarah.

trinity in hinduism == father, son and holy ghost (WTF?)

karna floated off in a reed boat == moses floated off in a reed boat.

kunti virgin birth == mary virgin birth.

gautama buddha renunciation == saint jesophat renunciation.

winter solstice celebration of mitra/druids == christmas celebration.

ramayana month in kerala == bible month.

such a spiritually impoverished entity this imperial death cult is! naturally, because it is the cult of a jealous, minor tribal god known as ialdaboath (the GoF, as i once called it).

hey, one good way of making money -- appeal to the world intellectual property organization about all these IPR thefts, and make the christists pay through their noses.

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From: Swami Devananda

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 7:12 AM, avg krishnan
These are vedios of a Pastor claiming that

Ilango Adigal

Saiva Saints 4 all as Christians.

These are the continuation of [Archbishop] Arulappa frauds.

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