Monday, July 17, 2006

'extreme religious sites': internet censorship

july 17th, 2006

following arjun singh's ban, a number of internet sites have been shut down, including all blogger sites, most of which are run by individuals.

this, of course, is censorship. but the 'intelligentsia' in india are not worried. stands to reason, because a lot of the english-language media's hypocrisy is being exposed on blogs.

and it's interesting that they have given lists of sites with 'extreme religious views'. one of these is ''.

thus, in the arjun singh lexicon, hindu human rights = religious extremism.

this goes well with arjun singh's other axiom, 'secularism' = mohammedanism. this was repeated by him and his arab friends on his recent trip to west asia.

note that the extremely predatory christist sites such as the joshua project have not been censored. nor mohammedan terrorist sites, even after the mumbai blasts. nor extreme marxist sites, even after yesterday's massacre of 87 tribal refugees in a camp in chattisgarh. the only site mentioned that has a christist connection is, a christist front.

thus, christist/mohammedan/marxist terrorism = good
hindus wanting their human rights = religious extremism.

a very neat encapsulation of UPA policy.

stand by for an announcement of the emergency, any day now.

here is a news report that gives the story, and here's a way to bypass the ban by using anonymous servers or proxies.

this wikipedia entry shows you how to get around the ban.

also, here's another email about it: use the pakistani anti-censoring site!

Here's one great way to access all blogspot blogs: Just go to This site was created by Pakistani bloggers to bypass all blogs that were blocked by the Paki govt.

Post 7/11, Govt targets 'extreme' websites, bloggers on the blink
Posted online: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 0000 hrs Print Email

MUMBAI, NEW DELHI, JULY 17:The fast-growing community of online
bloggers has borne the brunt of the government's decision to block
some 20 websites in a post-Mumbai show of force. Some of the websites
that have been blocked are,, and

But the most harried Internet users were the bloggers, who couldn't
access , or pages. Sources in
ISPs in Delhi as well as Mumbai confirmed that the one blog government
has asked them to block is

It seems the order posed technical problems, resulting in a blanket
ban on all blogs. ''You cannot block a single page on,
which is why all of them are getting blocked,'' said Neha Viswanathan,
Regional Editor, South Asia, from London.

The Indian order was issued on July 13, sources in the Ministry of
Telecom confirmed, though the Computer Emergency Response Team
(India), part of a global cyber-security network set up three years
ago, did not announce the bans officially.

Only sources in several ISPs such as Spectranet and Airtel confirmed
that they had received the site-blocking order. R Grewal, a
spokesperson for Spectranet confirmed: ''We received a list of over 20
websites to block from the Department of Telecom, and this
( was one of them.''

Apparently, all the websites blocked are said to express "extreme
religious views."

MTNL officials said they were handed a 22-page document detailing the
sites to block a month ago. "It came from the National Informatics
Centre (NIC). It was the first time that they had done something of
this nature,'' says RH Sharma, sub-divisional engineer for MTNL in

Government sources confirmed late in the evening that some websites
have been blocked based on police reports that they were fuelling
hatred. They denied that the Mumbai blasts had anything to do with
censorship and that security checks on the blocked sites were on since
before the terrorist attacks.


san said...

Here's one I got from The Business Standard:

Govt cracks down on websites, blogs

Our Web Bureau / Mumbai July 18, 2006

The Government of India's Department of Telecom has asked Internet Service Providers to shut down some 20 'objectionable' websites and blogs. The order was received by the legal departments in some ISPs, whose spokespersons Business Standard spoke to. The notice is believed to have gone out on Friday last week.

The DoT is of the opinion that some of these sites were being used by banned organisations to transmit messages to their colleagues. Blog entries cannot be tracked as easily as email. The sites that were asked to be blocked include hindunity.og and All ISPs do not seem to have implemented the ban uniformly, yet. Bloggers in India meanwhile complained that they were having problems accessing popular blogs on the Google owned blogspot. There are some 150 ISPs in India.

Access to all blogs and websites hosted on the following servers is currently blocked in India.

Here is a list of ISPs blocking Blogger - Tata Indicom, Spectranet, Reliance Powersurfer, Airtel, MTNL, Sify, Exatt, Primus, In2cable, Iqara, Pacenet and Hathway.

My comments: how the hell is a site called supposed to be anti-national? Hah, maybe if you're the Left-wing Congress party leading a coalition with Communists.

ik said...

Email to all friends in India

Google on "The Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents"

Here is a copy

"A Paris-based media watchdog has released a free guide with tips for bloggers and dissidents to sneak past Internet censors in countries from China to Iran. Reporters Without Borders' "Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents" is partly financed by the French Foreign Ministry and includes technical advice on how to remain anonymous online. It was launched at the Apple Expo computer show in Paris on Thursday and can be downloaded in Chinese, Arabic, Persian, English and French."

Gaurav said...

One news the Assorted Seculars would desperately want to censor:-

CPM=Communist Party or Criminals Party?
The Spirit Mafia
10,500 litres of spirit was siezed from from the wife's house of M. Bhaskaran, party Alappuzha district committee member and Pathiyoor panchayat president, at Kariyilakulangara.

The Police Party Attacked. CI seriously Injured
S. Jayakumar, Excise Circle Inspector was seriously injured in an attack by an armed gang during a surprise raid on a secret spirit godown in Kariyilakulangara in Alappuzha district. The raid was on house by a local leader of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, Aji Kumar. He continues to be critical and continued to be on ventilator. The condition of three other officials who were attacked was improving.


Harsh Vardhan said...

The Indian mainstream media is almost completely controlled by vested political interests.

The Government of India is able to control it. It is able to get them to not ask the right questions, like: why has Shivraj Patil not resigned ? Why is he still the home Minister after so many large-scale terror attacks of increasing frequency ? (Varanasi, Srinagar, Mumbai, Nagpur, Ghatkopar, Delhi, and so on).

Why has Indian Government not been able to catch any of the people responsible for planning and executing any of the attacks in the past several years ?

Each time there is an attack, they arrest a few hundred poor slum-dwellers, and let them go after a couple of days.

They think Indians will keep forgetting, keep moving on. Accept the fact that no serious effort is being made to take action or to prevent future attacks.

If a Government is full of people so incompetent that in spite of serious efforts over several years they are unable to get any results, then why are they not resigning ? Why are these morons sitting in Government, wagging their tails, doing nothing ?

But, the Government is not able to control the bloggers, who are asking these uncomfortable questions, exposing the Government's all-round failure.

So our doddering old stupid leaders have decided to block out the bloggers altogether.

They will pay dearly for this mischief. India is not China.

What works in China will NOT work in India.

UPA is going down, along with its bungling idiotic spineless lame-duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Casteist Divide and Rule Arjun Singh, the Doctors-Salary-thief Ambubani Ramadoss, the Bihar-Democracy-Killer Lallu Prasad, SIMI-backer Mulla Maulayam, and the remote-controller Bofors-thief Sonia Nehru.

stunned said...

Take a look at this. Its getting soo rediculous!!!!!

virat0 said...

Your blog sight is not accessible from India. is a work around, but posting comments aren't easy.

stunned said...

I was watching Rajedeep Sardesai host a talk show and was totally surprised to see him say that the Bombay blasts happened because of Ayodhya and Gujrat. I mean these guys are ready to do any thing to hide the muslims that did this.
The ploice have been recovering RDX by Kgs from muslim houses in Bombay but still the muslim community is not to blame. They are squeaky clean. Hundred of Hindus are being slaughtered every day in Kashmir. In that case it is just a few misguided "Kashmiri Millitants". Here in Bombay Muslims in Bombay have done this (dont tell me a few guys could have done this with out active community support) and Hindus are to blame??!!!
Looks like Rajdeep Sardesai has Mr. Arjun Singh as his mentor.

stunned said...

We need a few leaders with balls like McCain!

chandramahal said...

Only YOUR site seems to have been blocked by bsnl broadband. I am able to get irffanclub and spindianexpress and similar blogs. They seem to have singled you out.
I am accessing you through the paki site you suggested. But for how long?
Can we do something to make GOI and its DOT see reason?
Please suggest something.mathi

badmofo said...

That blogspot blog mentiond, the princesskimberly something, has TWO posts exactly, from 2004!!! They want us to believe that was THE specific blog they wanted to block. Shame on these idiots. This government is taking us back to the emergency days. Guess which party was a most vocal supporter of the emergency? The same one that now provides outside support to Kangress.

Ragz said...

Speaking of Emergency, back then we at least had leaders who were willing to fight it out. Now we have gutless opposition and subservient Media, which will make all that easier to impose Emergency.

daisies said...

Rajeev, in response to your comment at other post which said \"alas, i dont know how to convey this information to people in india who are affected, sigh.\"

--- You no longer have to sigh - a friendly TV channel called CNN-IBN (ever heard of it ?) aired an item called something like -- \"How Bloggers are beating the ban\", where they spoke to some annoyed bloggers. some of them said how the blocked sites can be accessed. So anyone who saw CNN-IBN at 9pm knows how to come here.

So here I am.

And I\'d like to say I am all for blocking sites than create and fuel hatred, for after all, the basic ingredient for terrorism is hatred, and more hatred will only fuel existing terrorism and extremism.

But certainly, banning a site like \"\" is a totalitarian and evil action.


KapiDhwaja said...

Daisies said-->I am all for blocking sites than create and fuel hatred

Daisies, I disagree with you. We shouldn't be emulating countries like China, Iran, pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc.

If anything has to be banned, it should be the friday prayers and hateful sermons of the believers. Singapore does a great job in monitoring every friday 'prayer'. The Mullahs have to give a speech from a prepared text whetted by the autorities every friday. And they are forced to comply with the text, if not then its jail-time for them. And Singapore doesn't have any Islamic terrorist problems at all.

Ragz said...

Exactly KapiDhwaja. Daisies, we don't need extremist bloggers to incite communal hatred when we have somebody harping 24/7 how thousands and thousands muslims were killed in Gujrat and elsewhere. This kind of reporting has to be stopped, if it can be stopped. Not that the Jihadists need any provocation.. They are like that only..

someone said...

This is a difficult problem. Anyone who is educated enough to know basic things about the government, read the newspapers or listen to the news, must know enough not to vote Congress. But the problem is there are a lot of people who can't read or write and don't know all this stuff. And Congress (and its ilk, Samajwadi Party etc.,) is living off their votes.

And then are the fully educated, politically aware people who vote Congress. Who are these people? How many of them are there? It's time to take stock of matters. As educated, politically aware citizens it's our duty to
a) Vote. And vote for a good party, NOT Congress. This might need convinving and spreading some awareness among people.
b) Tell our fellow people in the slums and villages how Congress is ruining the country and keeping them in poverty.

Our country is changing right now, and the choices we make now will shape the country's destiny. And we have all the wrong people making the choices for us.

RR said...

Rajeev and folks !!

You gotta see this !

U.S. Silence Impeding Swiss in Nuclear Case(US still covering for AQ Khan)

U.S. Silence Impeding Swiss in Nuclear Case
Expert Says Calls Have Been Ignored

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 26, 2006; A16

Two years after the United States helped disrupt a notorious nuclear smuggling ring, the Bush administration has hobbled a Swiss effort to prosecute three of the alleged leaders by failing to share critical information, an American nuclear expert and Swiss law enforcement officials said yesterday.

Switzerland's federal prosecutor made at least four separate appeals for U.S. help over the past year, asking for access to documents and other evidence linked to the nuclear black market run by the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. In that time, the Swiss have received no assistance, or even a reply, a spokesman for the prosecutor said.

Ghost Writer said...


This is not the only incident of its kind. This page can be reached through a link if you do a Wikipedia search for "AQ Khan" ... yes sir ...wikipedia .. now how obvious must things be before people start to think?

This combined with another wonderful episode from history. Remember how they allowed Paki Intelligence and army regulars to be airlifted out of an Afghani town before bombing it? (think it was Herat, though not sure .. remember Rajeev writing something about it).

Whose side is the US on anyways? the bottom line is it's our problem to deal with. and we should deal with it our way .... to change a Sean Connery phrase from the gangster movie of a while ago... "If they bleed you with a thousand cuts, you bleed them with a million"

KapiDhwaja said...

"If they bleed you with a thousand cuts, you bleed them with a million"

Or we can bleed them with a single cut. Chop off their head...

Ex-ISI chief Lt.Gen Hamid Gul thinks he is smart, with his war-of-a-thousand-cuts. He hasn't seen a war of single cut yet.

Jeeva.R said...

Fitzgerald: What is NPR's excuse?

Ghost Writer said...

How Stunningly Edifying

I was thinking of the status of women in Gujrat only yesterday. I am really so worried about those women. no I really was...I swear .. seriously !

Ragz said...

Jeeva, that is a good link.

Sharan Sharma said...

Incidentally, dalitstan was banned a long time back. See the references to this here:

san said...

Continuing the Leftist tradition of attacking blogs, the New York Times is attacking for its effort to boost blogging with its new Web2.0 portal.

The NYT are obsolete dinosaurs jealously guarding what they consider to be their exclusive turf from the blogger phenomenon. Sorry NYT, but you can't stop progress.

Gaurav said...

Inside news about NDTV:

CPI-M’s FIrst lady general Brinda karat is sister of NDTV’s Pranay Roy’ wife Radika.

chitrakut said...

The place in afghanistan where pakistani soldiers were airlifted before the US soldiers stormed it was Kunduz. The place was called kunduz. A google search on it will provide more details.

san said...

Here's yet another article on the blog ban:

This one has a more detailed list of sites.

Check them all out for yourself, and see what the fuss is all about.

Harsh Vardhan said...

The Road to Serfdom: The Beginning of the Second Emergency

Santhosh said...

Internet Haganah just reported that some Indian companies are hosting Hezbollah sites .. WTH eh ?