Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fwd: Making sense of Pakistan+The Iranian crisis is not yet over+Fears of China reducing US debt jolt markets amid trade friction+ Trading in YUAN

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New design of Global Times has a section titled 'China India' China U.S.' China Europe'

1. By denying river water data to us, Beijing is using the resource as a tool of coercive diplomacy by Brahma C 10.1.18

2. India can't copy China's technology success without understanding its origins 10.1.18
'Instead of following this kind of misleading advice, it is suggested that India should seek more cooperation with China in the digital economy to turn its technology ambitions into reality. '
3. Advances In Technology: Battlefield Helicopters 10.1.18 by Gp Capt AK Sachdev
4. China Develops its Border with India: Yume again in the news 9.1.18 by Claude Arpi
6. Making sense of Pakistan 11.1.18 by G Parthasarathy
Pakistan's air force chief has warned that American drones operating against the Taliban and Haqqani network inside Pakistani airspace would be shot down. Pakistan has also hinted that the US would be unable to arm and equip its military in Afghanistan, as its only viable lines of communication to Afghanistan are through Pakistani territory and airspace. What causes and motivates this Pakistani bluster?
When North Korea shocked the world by exploding a thermonuclear bomb on September 3, 2017, Trump described the action as 'very hostile' and 'dangerous to the US'. Barely a month earlier he had warned North Korea of 'fire and fury' if it continued provocative actions, while describing the policies of South Korea's new President, seeking reconciliation with North Korea as 'appeasement'.'
8. Trading in YUAN 11.1.18 by K Hussein
So there is nothing new in the Jan 2 announcement of the State Bank. It is possible that at the moment, the Chinese authorities are simply focused on creating the pathways through which yuan settlement can be effected. Once in place, they will turn their attention towards getting increased utilisation. A set of incentives will be offered for the purpose, but until then, it remains business as usual.'
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