Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fwd: India’s hawkish posture+ Continuance of Declaration on Disturbed Area in Nagaland+India’s Army not as strong

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1. India Should Approach Nepal As An Equal, Not Like A Patronising Elder Brother 15.1.18 by Jaideep Prabhu
2. India's defence strategy on right track 15.1.18 by N S Venkataraman
3. Netanyahu's visit consolidates momentum 17.1.18 by Kanwal Sibal Still not on Economic Times site.
5. India's Army not as strong 16.1.18 OPED
'Sino-Indian relations have reached a turning point that either the two countries find an acceptable position for their ties and a mechanism to coordinate, or their relations will be a burden to the two rising power'
6. Assessing China's Strategic Behaviour During Republic Day and the Shangrila Dialogue 2018 17.1.18 by Maj Gen Rajiv N
7. Japan's Geopolitical Assertiveness is an Asian Security Imperative in 2018 16.1.18 by Dr Subhash Kapila
8. Continuance of Declaration on Disturbed Area in Nagaland is a Decision based on Perception without Foresight 16.1.18 by Gautam Sen
9. India's hawkish posture 17.1.18 by Talat Masood
It is, however, possible that India could face problem in acquiring the great power status unless it develops a modicum of relations with Pakistan and is more willingly accepted as a benign power by other countries of the region. Whereas Pakistan's ability to deal with India more effectively would very much depend on its ability to consolidate democracy by resolving its internal contradictions, especially the imbalance between civil-military relations
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