Sunday, August 24, 2014

Quick notes: Putin on Syria, K-Pop...

  • Was Putin right about Syria? "Mercenaries from Arab countries fighting there, and hundreds of militants from Western countries and even Russia, are an issue of our deep concern. Might they not return to our countries with experience acquired in Syria?", Putin wrote last September in NYT.

  • Kicking serious butt: The Kurdish women are intimidating and fierce. They have already proven successful in helping to retake a crucial strategic site, the Mosul dam, in “the biggest blow to the radical Sunni group yet."

  • The Rice Bucket Challenge: Charity that is relevant to India.. Did you know that 93% of ALS patients are Caucasian?

  • You can now be arrested for sharing “objectionable” content in Karnataka

  • South Korea, exporting padres and pop-culture:

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