Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Modern day redux of Islamic expansion: Yazidi genocide

The barbaric genocide of the Yazidi people by Jihadis in Iraqi Kurdistan is exactly how Islam conquered and enslaved various infidel peoples during its expansion. 

This is how the Hindus were enslaved, raped and converted by the medieval Jihadi armies - indeed, this is what the Owaisis, the Azam Khans, the Madanis, the Omar Abdullahs etc. have planned for contemporary Hindus.

The Owaisis have explicitly stated as much - with complete contempt for the authority of the Indian state and surprising immunity from the law, so far.

As I see it, the Indian armed forces are the only thing standing in between the Hindus and Jihadis within India and outside.

Why doesn't the Modi Sarkar expand the Indian armed forces - doubling or tripling their strength? It would contribute to national security in dangerous times and also solve many other problems - unemployment, lack of education etc. 

The world is standing by letting this outrage against the Yazidi people happen virtually unchallenged. These are peaceable people being massacred for the sole reason that they are not Moslem.

I wish there was something we could do to help them in their calamitous situation.

@karyakarta1992: Yazidi lady Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis.  



Azhar Uddin said...


There has been a myth in the Internet that the Yazidis primary source of worsip "TELEK MAUS" is actually an inspiration from a Hindu God "MURUGAN".

Yazidis have most of their roots to Zoroastrianism, pre-Islamic Mesopotamian (present day Iraq) and Assyrian traditions.

Their idea of fire worship is mostly centered around Zoroastrianism whose prime ideology of worship revolves around the fire.

Just because some of their practices are similar to Hindus does not mean their whole Ideology is from Hinduism.

One can find some practices and similarities on between almost all the religions on the earth. That merely does not necessarily mean, that one religion might have inspired from the other.

Yazidism is a MONOTHEISTIC relgion unlike Hinduism.

Yazidis believe that the fallen angel called LUCIFER in Christianity, IBLIS in Islam, commonly called as SATAN in English or SHAYTAAN in Arabic, who rebelled against God for now bowing to ADAM, is actually a mediator between God and Humanity.

When the Hindu scriptures do not say anything about Adam and eve, which Christianity, Islam and Judaism believes, how come Yazidis are ancient Hindu religion?

Arguably, the Yazidi worship what Christians or Muslims might call “Satan”, though the Yazidi call him “Melek Taus”, and he appears in the form of a peacock angel.

Why might Melek Taus be “the devil”? For a start, the Yazidi believe the peacock angel led a rebellion in heaven: clearly echoing the story of Lucifer, cast into Hell by the Christian God.

Also, the very word "Melek" is cognate with "Moloch", the name of a Biblical demon – who demanded human sacrifice.

The avian imagery of Melek Taus likewise indicates a demonic aspect. The Yazidi come from the ancient lands of Sumeria and Assyria, in modern-day Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan. Sumerian gods were often cruel, and equipped with beaks and wings. Birdlike. Three thousand years ago the Assyrians worshipped flying demons, spirits of the desert wind. One was the scaly-winged demon in The Exorcist: Pazuzu.

The Yazidi reverence for birds – and snakes – also appears to be extremely old. Excavations at ancient Catalhoyuk, in Turkey, show that the people there revered bird-gods as long ago as 7000BC. Even older is Gobekli Tepe, a megalithic site near Sanliurfa, in Kurdish Turkey (Sanliurfa was once a stronghold of Yazidism). The extraordinary temple of Gobekli Tepe boasts carvings of winged birdmen, and images of buzzards and serpents.

Clearly, It has no roots to HINDUISM BY ANY MEANS!

Moreover, Yazidis do circumcision like Jews and Muslims, while the Hindus don't.

Yazidis eat meat, sacrifice sheep, goats and chickens during their festivals, while Hindus don't.

Yazidis bury the dead bodies unlike Hindus who burn it!

So, to conclude, Yazidism has no link to Hinduism

karyakarta92 said...

Azhar uddin, you seem to be a dyslexic idiot. Nowhere in this post was it claimed that Yazidis are Hindus or worship Murugan etc. They may or may not be. I have no evidence either way - it is irrelevant to the topic of the post, which is to compare the barbarism of ISIS of which the Yazidis are current recipients to the barbarism of medieval Islamic invaders of India, which resulted in the genocide of some 100 million Hindus, at a minimum. Religion, theology etc are of secondary importance here. Anyone
subjected to Islamic genocide is deserving of our sympathy - purely on humanitarian grounds - regardless of whether they are monotheistic, polytheistic, atheist, Christian, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu or anything else.

karyakarta92 said...

Also Azhar uddin, the majority of Hindus do eat meat and many of the Shudra jaatis even perform ritual "sacrifices" of goats, sheep, even buffaloes. And there are certain Hindu jaatis like the Lingayats who bury their dead. This is besides the main point of comparing medieval Islamic genocide of Hindus to the modern day genocide of Yazidis. There may or may not be anything common in the religion of the victims - but the perpetrators and their religious motivation are very much the same - despite the separation in distance and time.

karyakarta92 said...

Also Azhar uddin - regarding your point about circumcision. I lost my virginity to a Moplah Muslimah called Ayesha from Dollar colony, Bangalore while I was a student in that city. She was the wife of an expatriate Moplah working in Thubai. While appreciative of my energy, she had suggested that I undergo circumcision! Unlike the totalitarian desert ideologies, Sanatana Dharma does not impose any rules or interfere with the private parts of human beings - making circumcision or female genital mutilation obligatory, for example. In the other hand, there is no explicit prohibition either. It is unheard of. Therefore, I could have complied with Ayesha's request. Anyway, my time in college ended and so did the tryst with Ayesha.