Sunday, August 17, 2014

IS Jihadis selling Yezidi women for $10

The early Moslem invaders of India similarly sold captured Hindu women into sexual slavery in the bazaars of Baghdad and Damascus.

I know of Hindu Swamis who go disguised as Moslems to cattle 
markets in India to buy and rehabilitate in Goshalas - cattle that are otherwise headed for Halal slaughter.

Would it be possible for someone to go "buy" these Yezidi women and then set them free? I'd be willing to "buy" freedom for several of them. 

No organization anywhere seems to care about their fate - least of all the Dhimmis in Indian Paliament who were exercised about Gaza, sniffing stale Rotis during "Roza" and the P.M allegedly not greeting Moslems on Eid (when he actually greeted them).

Are the IS traffickers insistent upon selling the infidel women to fellow Jihadis only?


VidrohiArya said...

Though this falls in the realm of fantasy, a successful covert operation by RAW & IB to rescue these people(yezdis)and bring them to India will do wonders for India's reputation..

san said...

Americans have decided to take on the ISIS/ISIL. This will create another Taliban/AlQaeda problem, which may culminate in another 9/11 incident. The US should never have destabilized the area by invading Iraq in the first place.