Monday, August 04, 2014

Hindu woman gang raped in Meerut Madrasa, forced to convert

My blood is boiling today. I have been contemplating this atrocity all day with some agitation. I have tears in my eyes as I write about this unspeakable bestiality.

A young Hindu woman, a teacher in a Madrasa in Meerut, U.P was abducted, gangraped and forcibly converted to Islam, forcibly had her Fallopian tubes removed - forcibly sterilized by the Indian Taliban - she can never be a mother.
She states that there are over 40 young Hindu women held captive and being subjected to all kinds of bestiality in that Madrasa - possibly being held for trafficking as sexual slaves to Arab countries or sold off to brothels run by Jihadis around the country.

This is supposed to be a "religious seminary", a "house teaching God's worship" etc. Yet, the medieval barbarians commit these crimes against humanity.

The U.P police tore up the victim's complaint 6 times and refused to register an FIR - attempting to negate this ghastly 
rape - out of "secular" compulsions.

The #Presstitutes will try all their dirty tricks to negate this Jihadi crime. A Moslem catering employee being allegedly forced to sniff a stale Roti leads to a national outcry, but the serial gangrape and forcible conversion of hundreds of Hindu women is unworthy of being reported?

Are Hindu women simply expected to "surrender" themselves to rape, lust Jihadis in the interest of perverted Nehru-Ghandy "secularism"? After all , Shikhandi Manmohan had stated from the ramparts of the Red fort that "Muslims have the first claim on the nation's resources".

Anwar Goswami had suggested on national TV that the Hindu Temple in Moradabad, U.P should be demolished as it had no business existing in a Muslim area.

Similarly, the very existence of Hindu women in a Moslem dominated city is a 
grave "provocation" to the thugs to indulge in wanton rape and conversion.

Anwar Goswami's female relatives have not been raped; therefore he will be conspicuously silent on this issue.

Burka Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Angana, Susan Roy et al will say that the Hindu fundamentalists are "raising an ugly controversy". They are all personally culpable in the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Rape Jihadis.

The USCIRF will adamantly rant about "Hindu fundamentalists persecuting religious minorities in India."

Will justice ever be done in this case or the thousands of other such "secular" rapes across the length and breadth of the country?

Is this the Indian republic that our freedom fighters embraced martyrdom for? Hindus in India are orphaned even as P.M Narendra Bhai Modi seeks to avoid conflict and pursues an agenda of development. This atrocity is a grave provocation like Godhra. I'm
also reminded of the abduction, rape and forcible conversion to Islam of Kanchan Mishra, a young married Hindu woman in Lallu Yadav's Bihar during Vajpayee's Prime ministership. The Hindu government in New Delhi then was impotent to do anything beyond instituting an inquiry by the National Commission for Women - as it is impotent today under Union Home Minister Shri. Rajnath Singh - himself from U.P.

Dhimmis in the Rajya Sabha were itching to debate the events in Gaza and pass some kind of resolution censuring Israel. GOI allowed a debate - under Ghazi Hamid Ansari and gang rape accused P.J 
Kurien. Why isn't this issue raised in the Lok Sabha by any of the BJP's 282 M.P's? Are they afraid of being labeled "communal" by the Dalaal media?

P.M Narendra bhai Modi, where is your 56 inch chest? The Mullahs have abducted, raped and forcibly converted our sister just a few weeks before Raksha Bandhan, under the benign watch of Mullah Mulayam
 - the rape eulogising barbarian whose Jihadi goons pound 
their chests with pride at their serial rape of defenseless Hindu women with complete impunity and absolutely no repercussions.

I will be unable to sleep today. It is a "time to kill" as in the famous Hollywood movie.

Behen Beti ki yahi pukaar,
Kahan hai Hindu ki Talwaar.

Tension grips Meerut after woman gang-raped, forced to convert

Watch the victim narrate her story


Rohit Joshi said...

Nice write-up! You sound really charged up and why not. We're all charged up here.

Even I wrote my views on the issue. Kindly check and provide some feedback. I'll appreciate that. And please follow for follow, I would like to stay in touch. Keep writing!


karyakarta92 said...

Rohit Joshi, We're actually on the same page. Your post in a different, cynical/ironic way states the sad truth that nobody in the media cares about the victim because she is a MERE HINDU - and this was to be expected. Thanks for posting the link to your blog.