Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Micro-Max Tops Samsung as India's No.1 Cellphone Vendor

The Gurgaon-based Micro-max has toppled Samsung to claim the top spot as India's leading cellphone vendor:


vtpcnk said...

this is great news indeed. what is micromax's outreach in foreign countries? how is the government facilitating this? japan and south korea sells tons of their products in india? how about them allowing micromax to be sold in their countries? or other indian products.

Pagan said...

Micromax has near zero intellectual property.. they relabel products made by the likes of Pantech of Korea. The indigenous component of Indian made mobile phones is near zero.

vtpcnk said...

components which make the whole product cannot sell by themselves. also the product as a whole costs way more than all the components put together. also mere indegenous production capability or even the superiority of a product/technology cannot assure you success in the market place. there are many more dynamics like branding, pricing, marketing etc. also everybody uses Chinese products these days - Samsung or sony. so if anything micromax is a success for indian business.