Friday, March 07, 2014

US Opposes Russian Referendum on Crimean Independence

The US is opposing the Russian proposal for a referendum on independence for Crimea:

This US stance is in line with India's stance on Kashmir. If the Pakistani Army were to ever to cross the line of control and invade Indian Kashmir to propose an independence referendum there, we should expect the US to reject that proposal as well.

It would be good if notable strategic writers like Brahma Chellaney and others would comment on the matter, and cite the current US pronouncements to reinforce India's case.


souixsie said...

It doesn't matter at all whether the US position on Crimea happens to coincide with India's stand on Kashmir or not. The US and the West will adopt whatever position that suits their needs, amd they want to keep Russia (and India) on the back foot. Only India (and its feckless elite) bend over backwards to get a pat on the head from these hypocrites.

san said...

You're right - obviously our ability to maintain our territorial integrity depends on keeping our powder dry, rather than just on strength of rhetoric. But US strength is not what it used to be. If they go the Taliban route again, then AlQaeda will bite them in their backside even faster this time. The Atlanticist Euro-expats who dominate US foreign policy really overreached when they tried to meddle too intensely in Ukraine's politics by supporting hardline agitators. Now Russia has called their bluff, and other than the US and Canada, no G7 countries are coming onboard for real sanctions against Russia. Certainly, the Western Europeans are too dependent on Russia for natural gas. As usual, it's the East Europeans who are squawking the loudest.

san said...

One of the problems however, is that Pakistan is a perpetual rentier state that always looks to rent itself out to boost its meager stature by aiding other fights. We can see that from its entire Cold War history. They're always looking for a Far Emperor to align with. But the US is not as power an emperor as it used to be.

san said...

ISI will be salivating at the news of revived Cold War tensions. Because that's an area where ISI feels it still has useful services to offer, should the market pick up.