Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Atlanticists vs "Isolationists"

Impervious to the wrath of Atlanticist brigades, US Congressman Ron Paul doesn't see the need for the US to get involved in the Ukraine imbroglio:

Of course, one doesn't even have to wait for the Atlanticist response to know that any American who dares to disagree with their snarling minions will quickly be branded an "isolationist". You know, because the world revolves around Europe, and anyone who doesn't bow in their direction five times a day is a heretic and a blasphemer.

The Atlanticists only care about themselves, of course - people like us don't exist to them, and the suffering they inflicted upon us through their godfather Brzezinski and the jihadism he godfathered is simply out of sight and out of mind from their narrow perspective. We are children of a lesser god, you see, and so there's no way they could ever countenance our feelings or experience.

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