Wednesday, March 05, 2014

AAP anarchist anti-national thugs in action

The pictures are of BJP workers severely injured in the AAP "direct action."

Showing their true FASCIST colours.
The mob of anti-national anarchist scum attacking the BJP headquarters in New Delhi was led by the dangerous Naxalite AAPtard Ashutosh and the Moslem banshee Shazia Ilmi.
(Beware of attractive women in white caps peddling "Aam Admi" rhetoric!)

Apparently, with the active participation of the "eminent Gandhian" Rajmohan Ghandy. The picture below is of Rajmohan Ghandy directing? the mob attack on the BJP office.  (See the idiot in GREEN standing 3rd from the left in the picture below, right behind the lunatic in blue that has a missile in his hand.)

I have zero respect for the dead fascist Ghandy, leave alone contemporary opportunist members of his clan - Rajmohan Ghandy,
Tushar Ghandy, Gopalkrishna Ghandy et al are willing accomplices and collaborators
of the most corrupt, anti-national, seditious scum of the land. They are also exponents of "dynastic democracy" - only far less successful than the Nehru clan.

Will there ever be deliverance or liberation
from the seemingly never ending atrocities, decadence and debauchery of Nehru, Gandhi and their extended

Where is the obligatory media orgasm about "non-violence", "freedom of speech" etc.? There is none.
The likes of Burka Dutt and Sagarika Ghose practise Christian abstinence when it comes to condemning or even reporting violence by mobs that share their political persuasion.

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