Saturday, March 08, 2014

Quick Notes: Metro man, water footprint...

  • E Sreedharan: India's 'Metro man' endorses Modi

  • The numbers story: Telangana fares better than Seemandhra in development

  • Ohio museum: Sculpture may be idol stolen in India

  • WhatsApp purchase challenged: “Facebook intends to incorporate the data of WhatsApp users into the user profiling business model".

  • New sugar guideline: less than a can of Coke per day

  • Meat Makes the Planet Thirsty: Beef turns out to have an overall water footprint of roughly four million gallons per ton produced. By contrast, the water footprint for “sugar crops” like sugar beets is about 52,000 gallons per ton; for vegetables it’s 85,000 gallons per ton; and for starchy roots it’s about 102,200 gallons per ton. Changing one’s diet to replace 50 percent of animal products with edible plants like legumes, nuts and tubers results in a 30 percent reduction in an individual’s food-related water footprint.

    Alfalfa growers are now exporting some 100 billion gallons of water a year from drought-ridden California to the other side of the world in the form of alfalfa.

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