Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sufi singers promoting "peace"

This is the "Gharana" or genre of Sufi music founded by the beloved A.R Rahman, of course .

One question for the "secular" champions of Sufism and Sufi music, in particular from a "communalist", uninitiated in the intricacies of Sufi Islam and the rarefied
fine art of Qawwali: "If all religions are EQUAL and all religions teach the SAME THING", then what is the need to convert from X to Y?
I would sincerely like to know.

"Popular sufi singer Hans Raj Hans has converted to Islam, many reports in Pakistan media have claimed.

According to reports, Hans Raj Hans, who is on a visit to Pakistan, is proud to have embraced Islam and has expressed his wish to visit Madina.


A few days ago, popular music composer Ilaiyaraja's younger son, Yuvan Shankar Raja, confirmed in a tweet that he had converted to Islam."


Sameer said...

It is fake news... apparently posted by Paki media

Madhava Rao said...

He has not converted..........

san said...

It's a sectarian country, so they can only take pride in absorbing others into their sect. Islam is simply an aggregator for low-EQ people.