Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quick notes: Calculus crown, Parallel judicial system...

  • Restoring India’s calculus crown : Madhava's work effectively laid the foundations for the later development of calculus and analysis, and either he or his disciples developed an early form of integration for simple functions. Some historians have suggested that Madhava's work, through the writings of the Kerala School, may have been transmitted to Europe via Jesuit missionaries and traders who were active around the ancient port of Cochin (Kochi) at the time, and may have had an influence on later European developments in calculus. PDF link to the book.

  • Kaangress supports parallel Muslim judicial system. It might divide the country again, so what?

  • Time for his retirement: Rajnath Singh talks of apology to Muslims.

  • Los Angeles synchronizes traffic lights (dated news): East Liberty part of Pittsburgh also showed great improvement, cutting travel times and emissions. So ,what is stopping my town from doing this? :(

  • BBM for Windows Phone: Blackberry creating a lot of buzz after WhatsApp deal. BBM for Android.

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