Saturday, February 22, 2014

NYT: Hindus Threaten Free Speech

The crooked bastards on the NYT Editorial board have decided that "Hindu nationalists" are the main enemies of free speech in India:

Ever tried to post a dissenting opinion on the NYT's website? I've tried it many times, only to find my comments blatantly censored, blocked or deleted. And yet the hypocrites at the NYT see fit to lecture others in their usual hypocritical holier-than-thou style.


karyakarta92 said...

NYT is the toilet paper of America. It has many pseudo-liberal psec Indian origin brutes writing trash, about India and the Hindus, in particular. This is what happens to nations when indiscriminate immigration is encouraged, allowing the filthiest brainwashed scum to float ashore unchecked. The scum ends up propagating the poisonous faecal matter that they have ingested during their indoctrination in a totalitarian state like India under the suffocating cloak of Nehruvian Stalinism.

vtpcnk said...

usa wants to control india economically. they want Indians to think/act like americans. indian culture with its own distinct views/practices stands in the way. it is all for the dollar.

souixsie said...

True! I have had many comments not posted just for politely disagreeing with their anti-Hindu bias. One needs to look no further than the sepoys they employ to write opinion pieces on Indian events - Pankaj Mishra, Manu Joseph, Hartosh Singh Bal, etc. The editorials come straight from the Massa, and the anti-India biases are even starker. There have been complaints even from NYT's own staff about the sloppy research undertaken in these editorials; however, when in comes to India the entire nest of Atlanticist vipers see eye-to-eye.