Thursday, July 11, 2013

'Level playing field' and such fables

Market access for Indian agricultural produce has been a major point of contention in bilateral relations. While India has brought down tariffs on agricultural products of interest to the US, the US has not reciprocated.
In the budget of 2011-2012 the government had reduced basic customs duty on raw pistachio and bamboo on the US’ request for more market access for these products.
In April 2007, the US had given a green signal to import mangoes from India after treating it with radiation, which has turned out to be a costly affair for the exporters.
Business Standard: Fruit diplomacy to get a push

Indian Mango exports, which started in 2007 in bargain of the access to the US Harley Davidson bikes to Indian market, is seeing a continuous decline over past three years. Exchange rate disadvantage Indian exporters face in competition with their Pakistani peers; high freight charges and lack of irradiation facilities in India are at blame.
Indian mangoes losing American market to Pakistan

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