Tuesday, December 11, 2012

rofl-hilarious! deepa mehta's horrible film censored by secular congress! #iffk


so who you gonna blame now, eh, deepa? you screamed bloody murder against (mythical) hindu fundamentalists when they objected to your malice aforethought in 'water', 'fire' etc. but now your favorite seculars are objecting to your stuff.

here is what i wrote at the time, in 1999. i thought 'fire' was a bad, bad-tempered, and insidious film, and that the director was a hypocrite. http://www.rediff.com/entertai/1999/jan/11fire.htm

actually i may have to agree with the congress on this freedom-of-speech issue (that would be a first). the film should probably be censured for being aesthetically displeasing (i must admit i haven't seen it, but having seen deepa mehta's prior oeuvre, and also based on some of the cast members, preening and supercilious as they are, i definitely suspect it is a terrible movie, and i have been told by those who suffered through it that it IS a horrible movie).

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