Saturday, December 22, 2012

updating simon&garfunkel, "where have you gone, [hero]? a nation turns its lonely eyes to you". india needs a leader

although we are fresh out of messiahs, we need a Joe DiMaggio.

and don't make me laugh by talking about those bum cricketers.

NaMo is the only one available. There Is No Alternative.


sansk said...

Believe me, India does not deserve a hero entirely because India does treats real heroes as such.

Simple law of economics, I say, bad 'heroes' have driven good heroes out of the market.

Our current heroes are tax crooks like Sachin Tendulkar or someone like Salman Khan who is wanted in case of hunting protected animals and careless driving.

BTW, quite a few of our esteemed MPs have charges of rapes on them.

RB said...

Just Careless driving? It was manslaughter.