Saturday, December 29, 2012

Woman Who Pushed Sunondo Sen under Train Arrested

The woman who pushed Sunondo Sen to his death onto subway tracks in NYC has been arrested:

She's mentally ill, and seems to think that Hindus were responsible for 9-11.


blogsameer said...

Really sad. Shouldnt such people (like the idiot woman) be made extinct.

Also, I was reading an article in NYT on the death of the Delhi rape victim, it was sad to see such a biased article and some vitriolic comments too.
Whites teaching us how to treat women!
While its true we need a lot of teaching to be done to our people, but definitely not from them.

Sactown Bobby said...

I am sure this lady is getting her news from Digvijay Singh or Indian English Media. That is the only way to explain her confusion of Hindus being involved in 9/11 attacks.

VidrohiArya said...

Stupid whites...ignorant of the world around them..

souixsie said...

From her name she appears to be a Latina, and she is obviously batsh1t crazy. But there is also a copycat aspect to this. I would not wish to hang about the edge of the subway platform after the past two murders.

Could these trains be fitted with large padded scoops or netting in front that might give victims a chance at survival? They could be lowered as the trains enter a station.