Friday, December 28, 2012

Rape Victim Has Died

The young rape victim whose life was hanging in the balance has died in a hospital in Singapore.

Indian medical staff treating the girl had complained that the govt had imposed upon them its decision to have the girl transferred thousands of miles away to Singapore, when her health was precarious and fragile. It seems the decision was made by the Congress Party high command and not by the Health Ministry, or anybody with medical expertise.

The ruling kleptocracy seems to have been motivated by a desire to get this girl far away, out of sight and out of mind, in the hopes of getting this whole episode to fade from public memory more quickly. The last thing they would have wanted is to see crowds holding vigils outside the hospital where the girl was, keeping this story - and the public's discontent - in the headlines.

There needs to be a public inquiry into how and why the decision to transfer the girl overseas was taken.

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Oracle said...

Understanding WHY it happened is the need of the hour. and I really do not like this blanket reference on how "indian men'' cannot respect women. Rape happens in other countries too and not all Indian men are rapists. Human beings(and all animals) have just TWO PRIMAL URGES: one is HUNGER and the other is SEX. Everything else are secondary urges. If you keep food in front of a hungry man and tell him it is illegal to eat. he would have to fight his primal instinct to stop himself from eating ...and it is an unsustainable task. Even if you threaten him with punishment....he WILL eat eventually. Similar effect with sex. It becomes worse when the person loses his inhibitions due to drugs, alcohol, rage, impulse or character. We need to think about how to prevent future violence here. If you look at it, the girl did not die just because she was raped, she died because she was violently mutilated. She sustained head injuries and intestinal damage. Rape by definition is just sex without consent. So, there are two issues here, rape and more seriously Violence. The whole hue and cry about rape is actually not addressing the whole issue. Solutions could be many. like a. Legalize prostitution for starters. Let men let out their frustrations so that they dont attack unwilling women. b. Abolish boys only and girls only educational institutions, let the genders mix right from childhood, so that they are not in awe of the female body. c. Have an effective and efficient primary care health system in the country, which could identify streaks of violent or criminal behaviour from childhood, and escalate the problem effectively. This can be done by parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours, colleagues etc right from childhood. There needs to be a dedicated govt dept with a full team which deals with such escalations at a grass root level of every community. These are just a few steps. I am sure there are many more. We need more ideas from the people to PREVENT any further rape, rather than war cry. Just my opinion..thanks