Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a series of tweets on #delhigangrape

not only noam chomsky, but george orwell (he spent some years in india) would be delighted in NewSpeak coming out of govt.#delhigangrape

noam chomsy must be delighted at how well his acolytes in india manufacture consent on demand #delhigangrape#blametheprotesters

gandhi was a marketing genius. UPA almost there: easy to manufacture consent when you have entire media in your pocket.#delhigangrape

positively brilliant, though. great marketing and PR. UPA has nullified the real issue and deflected everyone's attention, created divisions

let us also remember, with due respect to constable tomar, that it is#delhigangrape that is the issue. there are always agents provocateurs

not difficult to fake a post-mortem. just read up on about 15 different ways in which it was cooked up in sister abhaya's case

i get the feeling i am watching the costa-gavras movie Z in slow motion. lies, coverups, killings. all to keep somebody in power

cop tomar story diversionary tactic. if so tender to cops, why hasnt UPA hanged afzal guru to honor 10 cops killed in parliament attack?

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