Saturday, December 01, 2012

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marketing myopia, incumbents vs. insurgents, innovation, the failure of leading firms -- a classic business school case study

i particularly mourn kodachrome: for years, i used to use only slide film. with my trusty nikons and an 80-200mm sigma telephoto lens i used to take a lot of portraits (yes, catching people unawares) and a lot of travel pictures with the standard 50mm nikkor lens. i blew up a lot of these photos, and the awesome color saturation made the results quite nice.

i have lost serious interest in photography and so havent pursued the HDR type technology. instead of lugging around an SLR, i downshifted to a compact canon, and now have even abandoned that, and just shoot with the camera phone in my galaxy note. 

we have come a long way. i remember how some years ago, how my neighbors and relatives used to be so thrilled with the instant gratification of polaroids that i brought home from the US. interestingly some of those shots still survive -- and so do the kodachrome slides -- but many of the regular color prints have faded or deteriorated. 

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