Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Kaangress Bureau of Investigation Has Won

The theory about the UP outfits being guided by fear of CBI has flown thick and fast every time they have had to vote in Parliament in the last three years. The charge has been fanned by the surprise spectacle of SP and BSP staying loyal to Congress despite bitter political fights like Congress heir-apparent Rahul Gandhi spending three years of UPA-1 targetting then chief minister Mayawati and then going after Samajwadis in the assembly campaign this year. 

The decision not to vote against FDI was clearly tangential to the vehemence with which Mulayam Singh Yadav and Dara Singh Chauhan (BSP) slammed the policy on foreign retail. However, many in Parliament alleged that it was part of the script that the UP satraps have been forced to follow because of their fear of the CBI and the resultant reluctance to offend the Centre. CBI is probing cases of alleged corruption against both Mulayam and Mayawati amid deeply entrenched suspicion that its investigations may have been influenced by the Centre's political imperatives.
ToI: It’s CBI vs FDI, says Opposition as SP, BSP bail out government

ET: SP, BSP play role scripted by Congress without changes in Lok Sabha

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