Tuesday, December 04, 2012

India suspended from Olympics


Is this the crowning glory of the
UPA's infamous "achievements"?

But, the "seculars" will counter that we don't win much anyway and it's all about the "luxury" of participation. They will also add for good measure that since Sachin Tendulkar has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha - all sport related inquiries are redundant!

Well, now with the endemic Nehruvian rate of growth pervading everything and tolerating nothing but socialist mediocrity - Indians will not even
have the "luxury" of *participation* in the Olympics anymore.

The Kaangress will surely appoint a committee to study this debacle, send them on a taxpayer funded trip to research how other countries manage to ensure participation in the Olympics and add a bullet point to emulate them in the next "Five year plan".

Can Lallu Yadav please pull some strings with his friends at Harvard? Do I hear a Mandal commission report recommending reservations
in the Olympics? There should be a quota for socialist, secular India. After all, we have the 2nd largest Moslem population in the world. They will go unrepresented in the Olympics!

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