Friday, December 14, 2012

Discriminated Against, Dalit Priest Ends Life | dravidian types did him in


witan said...

What do you mean, “dravidian types did him in”?
Also, why not give the link to the original news story in The Hindu ( rather than to

nizhal yoddha said...

witan, why would i post anything from the chindu paper? it is a mouthpiece for anything anti-hindu.

and here is what radha rajan said. i trust her more than the chindu. here is the dravidian connection.

Nagamuthu was a priest in the village T Kallipetti. Nagamuthu was a harijan and from his childhood days who was devoted to a Shiva temple located on top of a hill.

The temple located at a remote corner did not attract bhaktas. When Nagamuthu became a man he decided to become priest in the temple he had loved since childhood. he invited the village to offer poojas in the temple and soon the temple began to attract severla bhaktas. Along came fame with the attendant problems of fame.

O Paneerselvam, Minister in the ruling AIADMK government in the state has a younger brother O Raja. O Raja and his, beleive it or not local DMK compatriot in alleged anti-social and other criminal activities, came to hear of the temple. They wanted a safe hideout and a parking place for their ill-gotten wealth which included incriminating documents.

You are not going to hear of any of this from The Hindu which is breast-beating that Priest Nagamuthu was victim of caste prejudice. Bullshit!

Nagamuthu stoutly refused to allow the temple to be used for nefarious activities. In April this year O Raja and his minions which unfortunately included members of the local pancvhayat and harijans if his own village, constituted a bogus temple administration committee and started to campaign for the eviction of Nagamuthu who was resisting all pressure from the politically powerful O Raja to hand over control of the temple to him, his DMK compatriot.

O Raja's minions first thrashed Nagamuthu black and blue and when he still refused, threatened to get him and his family arrested on complaint of theft.

Unable to bear the ignominy of being accused of theft in a temple he had loved and served with devotion, Nagamuthu went to the police to complain. Not surprisingly the police was unwilling to take action agaisnt O Raja. Unable to withstand the harrassment, Nagamuthu committed suicide four days ago.

Nagamuthu also left behind him a suicide note naming O Raja and 6 others. The Tamil daily Dinamalar is the only paper to have reported honestly half the story including naming O Raja. The rest we gathered from unfearing local people.

Now comes the twist in the tale. 'Evidence' is a christian NGO making its living off human rights. Vincent Kadir saw excellent opportunity to fish in the troubled waters of Nagamuthu's death. Nagamuthu's parents have refused to accept his body unless the guilty, named in nagamuthu's suicide note were arrested.

The Hindu went along with christian Vincent Kadir and insists, even today in making it a caste conflict. Some bogus minion has surrendered but O Raja is still at large as is his partner-in-all-crimes. To a pointed question about why, if this were indeed a caste conflict, Nagamuthu has named other harijans also as being responsible for his death, you can see the reporter tying himself in knots explaining away the incongruity.

It is easier to argue passionately for why we should save the distant blue whale and not lift a finger to protect the street dog on your street.

witan said...

@ nizhal yoddha
Thanks for the information, as obtained from Radha Rajan, which reveals the true facts. I wish you had included it in the original blog, particularly because it is not available in the article, which is merely a reproduction of what was published in the paper you have appropriately named Chindu.