Sunday, December 02, 2012

Beef's Own Country

Kerala consumes 5,035 tonnes of meat every day. Eighty per cent of state’s population and residents are meat eaters and Kerala produces only 264 tonnes. Every day’s deficit is 4,780 tonnes and goats, sheep, chicken, cows and buffaloes come from other states.

The numbers in which Tamil Nadu is depleting its cattle wealth for meat will certainly have a long-term negative and almost irreversible impact on its agriculture and environment.

Uday India: Dravidian Traffickers and Beef's Own Country


UPA is promoting beef exports by providing subsidies even while levying duty on cotton exports. To facilitate mutton exports, tax is waived off for five years, but Income Tax notices are sent to companies which want to invest in Gujarat.
Indian Express: Narendra Modi accuses Centre over subsidy for beef exports

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