Friday, November 02, 2012

NaMo Did The Nation a Great Service..

souixsie's comment deserves a post in itself:
Tharoor has long cruised on his looks and his felicity with words, but he belongs to the breed who have seriously damaged Hindus post-independence; albeit he shafts them with a smile.

The IPL scandal exposed him for being the money-grubbing crook that he is, and his association with the dynasty points to the ease with which he adjusts his principles in order to avoid traveling in cattle-class.

NaMo did the nation a great service in pointing out that this emperor has no clothes. All the sturm und drang that followed is just a lame and pathetic attempt to change the subject... squirrel for the media dogs (see Pixar's UP). She was his girlfriend at the time she received the 50 crores, and it was clearly a kickback towards Tharoor. What does Modi's wife have to do with it? Did she get a kickback meant for Modi? Stupid Indian journalists! 

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