Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full-spectrum Contradictions

The Hindu catches the new joker on the block, RP Singh, recycling the arguments that A Raja's lawyers tried unsuccessfully in the Supreme Court.
According to documents with The Hindu, Mr. Singh is contradicting not just most public statements that he has ever made but also documents that he himself has signed which support rather than oppose the CAG’s loss figures. 

Mr Singh now claims that the Unitech and Swan transactions cannot be taken as losses because they were mere “equity infusion under the agreements of the companies”. While submitting his draft report in September 2010, he made no mention of this argument. Moreover, Mr Raja, his lawyers along with the lawyers of Unitech and Swan insisted on the same argument in the Courts. This was rejected both by the CBI Special Court dealing with the 2G scam and the Supreme Court.
The Hindu: Attack on CAG riddled with full-spectrum contradictions

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slim_shady said...

Please watch the debate with this Singh clown (link to first of three parts below). It is hilarious, his former boss makes him look like the corrupt fool that he is. Even the vile Manish Tewari is embarrassed and leaves the debate midway.