Friday, November 02, 2012

good move, indian ocean rim countries: become more relevant

the indian ocean rim, consisting of 

a) east africa -- the future growth area on the planet
b) indian subcontinent -- high potential for growth if we get our act together
c) southeast asia -- fast-growing, already middle-income

could well be the new ASEAN

and it has an urgent need to not let chinese imperialism take over the mineral rich seabeds or the major shipping lanes.

from south africa to vietnam, this is the future. i hope india does not fumble this, like it did with ASEAN. when ASEAN was formed, india was invited as a member, and that dolt chacha declined to join :-( now they don't want india to join :-( :-(

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san said...

Just like UNSC seat for Asia - we turned it down when we were asked, and now nobody wants us while we beg at everyone's door. I don't blame others for their schadenfreude - I feel it myself.