Wednesday, November 21, 2012

need to rename @theeconomist to "The Euphemismist" for #kasab #gunman, pak #infiltrators, never #terrorist

does this exhibit both racism and anti-semitism? usually anybody killing a white person is immediately a "terrorist" -- brits had no trouble using this term against irish 'gunmen' and 'infiltrators'. of course, someone killing a brown person is never a terrorist (unless it suits them for political purposes).

but here, the paks killed white jews, and even that does not seem to have excited brits enough to call the paks terrorists.

so i conclude that jews have now been demoted to honorary browns. but then, brits have had no trouble being anti-semitic, ever. so it may not be new. 

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blogsameer said...

Just looking at the comments speaks it all.... about the Euphemismist