Friday, November 30, 2012

Gujral doctrine lives on

The pernicious doctrine of unilateral concessions to an implacably hostile and unrelenting enemy, unfortunately
will live on - until the mindset of
pseudo liberalism is alive.

Manmohan Singh himself
personifies the "Gujral doctrine" and perhaps is a better exponent of it than the original.

Sort of like the devastating AK-47 exceeding the Kalashnikov in
performance. "Man of Peace" indeed.

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Unknown said...

These leaders who had migrated to India from Pakistan have wrecked the nation by their week kneed diplomacy. MMS, IKG, LKA, each one of them has their own reasons to stab the Hindus against the marauding ghazis. One of the colonial remnant is having Delhi as our capital. Our national capital should be someplace in Vidarbha. The worst outcome of having Delhi as our capital is that the Punjabi has seized the discourse in Indo-Pak relations. This combined with Gandhisim has made us a spineless soft state as one of the above, L K Advani said.

L K Advani is a deserter of the Hindu cause, blinded by his vision of occupying 7RCR.If I K Gujral was bad, Maun Singh is the worst. With no domestic credibility, he breaks his maun only at NAM summit which is as toothless as his open mouth.

PVN handled the ghazis well by not capitulating to the ghazi excess in Kashmir and by holding firm to territory. Who knows, IKG, in a fit of his own doctrine would have signed off Kashmir.