Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unvarnished grade A bullshit: The Best Countries to Be a Woman -- and the Worst -

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dynastyrule said...

I agree that this is utter bull$shit-lagging behind Saudi Arabia, yeah, right! But please post a detailed commentary on why this is bs and why this bs is lapped up so eagerly to gullible fools in the ELM, if you get a chance.Thanks!

san said...

Well, I think Indians shouldn't rest on their laurels by feeling we treat women as well as they deserve. We should mainly focus on trying to improve the situation for women, rather than consoling ourselves that "at least we're better than Saudi"
Insisting we're at least better than Saudi is merely a Race To The Bottom.

Meanwhile, using Galaxy Note, eh? I like the large screen size, but that also makes it a battery hog. There's a company that makes an extra-large battery for the Galaxy Note, which heavily boosts its battery life: