Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sucheta dalal digs up the dirt on SMJ

this khan fellow always struck me as a little to smooth - something like a desi david cameron.

full disclosure: I have not seen this show and don't intend to either.

it is sad to see the cultural decline. instead of encouraging Indians to contribute their time and actual effort in something worthwhile (like upkeep of ancient temples for example) - the market-entertainment model has turned everyone into 'couch-warriors' - content to buy their goodness on the cheap with their credit card.

this is sadly the consequence of following the worst excesses of american society. was it donald trump who said about charity - I give not to support some cause, but to be seen as supporting the cause

and these Bollywood culture-wallahs are full subscribers to the worst of america - from what they eat, to how the wipe their backside after they are done.


Vijay said...

A Hindu such as Amitabh Bachchan would have been a better choice. Since anything Amir Khan says will be viewed with suspicion by many Hindus including me.

But that should not keep us from accepting the fact thatAmir Khan has created awareness on vital issues - improprietries of the medical establishment, farming etc, issues that are of vital importance to Hindus.

Inferno said...

Supports love marriages, left wife of 15 yrs | Against pesticides, endorsed Coke | Opposes alcohol, drank in films. Hey Aamir, *slow claps*.