Saturday, June 23, 2012

judge #posner throwing out #apple's #motorola lawsuit is a serious blow against aggressive litigiousness

i hope more technology patent trolling gets slapped down. oracle's frivolous suit against google over java APIs resulted in oracle getting... precisely nothing. 

this is a good trend. companies have been doing too much patent litigation. 

now i am betting apple will lose its suit against android makers as well. 

i liked posner's rude comments about 'without merit' and 'dismissed with prejudice' -- that last means they cannot reopen the case. 

actually, i just realized that motorola started this thing by suing apple, not vice versa. i had thought it was apple, combative and pugnacious that it is, who had done this.

hmmmm... so does this mean google wasted $10 billion in buying motorola for its patents?

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