Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hue or Flavor? You Cannot Have Both

Consumers prefer tomatoes that are uniform in color over ones with splotches. But a new study found that the mutation that leads to the uniform appearance of store-bought tomatoes has an unintended consequence: It disrupts the production of a protein responsible for the fruit's production of sugar. There is also a significant difference in flavor between the two types of tomatoes.

The lesson for consumers is that tomatoes with less-uniform hues are a better flavor bet.
LATimes: Why supermarket tomatoes tend to taste bland


san said...

I'd also read that tomatoes with darker hues like purple, tend to have the more tangier, acidic taste.

vtpcnk said...

there are lots of supermarkets opening in indian cities. and their prices are surprisingly lower than street prices. wonder if they are selling some genetically engineered stuff.