Monday, June 25, 2012

Pak Complains to Afghans After 13 Troops Killed, Beheaded

Pakistan is complaining to Afghanistan after 13 troops were killed and beheaded by militants whom Pak claims crossed over from Afghanistan.

Afghan officials reject the charges, saying that there are plenty of militants on Pakistan's side of the border, asking why Pakistan would allege the culprits came from Afghanistan.

Maybe it's because Pakistan controls all the terrorists on its side of the border, and therefore knows when its own people aren't involved?


Harish said...

You seem to have missed the recent spike of violence by Pak troops along the LOC, starting with the beheading of Indian soldiers..the brutalities never end..:( :(

Not a peep comes out of the lame stream Indian media.... we however hear so much about peace loving Pakistan and how we should give away Siachen to win their 'confidence'!

Inferno said...

Offtopic: What does sagarikaghose suffer from?