Friday, June 15, 2012

Slumdogging: The New Desi Porn

Indo-Canadian decides to go back to India and make documentary film about shallow beauty pageants and militant Hindoo women:

Makes for a very dramatic tale of extremes. More entertaining than 'poorism'

She gets lots of awards and kudos - how nice for her:

I feel like I'm having a Holden Caulfield / Catcher in the Rye moment.

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balaji said...

Isnt this the norm make a totally irrelevant degrading documentary on any of the social issues in India then try to win awards overseas to make fame/money. Making all these "SlumPorn" documentaries are like the only means for the Desis to get recognition in their home countries.Look at the Cubans in America,Chinese-Koreans in US...... This is their norm unlike China we have freedom of speech which allows these idiots to propagate their views. Let it Go Rajeev Let it Go..... Desis needs to make money as well....