Saturday, June 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in October

Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note 2 in October. It will feature a slightly larger screen, and a more powerful dual-core processor.


nizhal yoddha said...

san, saw your earlier comment about the galaxy note and its appetite for battery power. mine barely makes it through the day, and often doesn't! i keep charging it the whole time. the idea of a massive 5000mAH battery does have appeal (the mugen you pointed to), but it will make the device much fatter, too.

as for the note 2, i find the note 1 itself plenty big, and i have stopped thinking of getting a tablet because this does show videos (i have downloaded a few TED talks) and magazines in high, sharp resolution. the idea of carrying yet another device around does not appeal -- so the phone/tablet combo works well for me. so far, at least. i got my galaxy note a few weeks ago. i think it's actually better than the galaxy s3.

san said...

Well, that Mugen Power battery extender does make the Note fatter, but it also provides a little kickstand to hold the thing up if you want to put it on a table and watch it.

I think this trend towards "phablets" (phone-tablet hybrids) is good, because these devices can be more productive, even if a bit awkwardly sized. I agree with you that if you have something like a Note, then you can forego a tablet, and maybe just get a high-powered ultrabook instead.

How's the Stylus? Is it useful to you?

nizhal yoddha said...

san, yes, the mugen does have its attractions. i had a sony android phone before, and that too was a battery hog; so i think in general smartphones have a battery problem. but i like the size of the note very much. must think of getting a mugen some time.

the phablet is a convenient form factor. i am sticking with my netbook and the phablet for the time being. thought of buying a galaxy tablet or an ipad, but that is one more darn device to carry around. the note can act as a wifi hotspot converting 3G to wifi, so that takes care of the internet for the netbook to some extent.

i do like the stylus. the android 4.0.3 stylus app (Snote) allows me to make up hand-drawn slides for my presentations -- it acts as a wacom tablet more or less. other than that, it's fun for doodling, and also for taking notes (does do a fair handwriting to text conversion). i used to be a king of palm pilot scribbling so this reminds me of those days!

san said...

I'm currently using a cheapster Samsung phone, but I'm waiting to see what happens after Windows 8 comes out before I upgrade. It's possible that Microsoft may come up with a well-received product, and could take the lead over Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Microsoft has always been good as the 2nd-mover who beats others with superior imitations.