Monday, June 11, 2012

perverting 'hortus malabaricus': mischief by outlook (pinko) and itty iype (christian) who can't see beyond 'aryan'-'dravidian' and caste!

jun 10th, 2012 CE

as usual, the drain inspectors cannot a) see beyond the drain, b) give the natives credit, c) get away from the false 'aryan'-'dravidian' crap, which was invented by a godman named caldwell.

the 'hortus malabaricus' is a stupendous achievement by itty achuthan kollat and the konkani bhatts in codifying the flora of malabar, but all this article does is try to perpetuate a) the superior wisdom of the white christian fellow, b) the insinuation that ayurveda is somehow inferior (or that it stole something from the 'dravidian' natives' superior wisdom. note that ekbal is a communist too).

the white europeans such as linnaeus who invented the current classification of plants quite merrily stole from this encyclopaedia. just as white mathematicians happily stole the ideas of infinite series that madhava and paramesvara discovered.

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