Wednesday, June 06, 2012

China Moves on Afghanistan

China is moving to significantly increase its involvement in Afghanistan, in anticipation of the US withdrawal from that country in 2014. Given China-Pak collusion amid common antagonism towards India, this probably won't be good for Indian interests.

Besides a possible increase in Sino-Indian competition in Afghanistan, there may even be potential for clash between Chinese and Russian interests. It also seems very likely to me that a China-dominated Afghanistan could turn into a territorial land-link for a China-Iran nexus, which America and Israel would certainly feel endangered by. Iran would be eager for more direct support and contact with the Chinese superpower, while China's energy-hungry economy would be eager for Iranian oil. If the Americans don't act quickly to nip such emerging tie-ups in the bud, then they could end up big losers on the geostrategic chessboard.

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