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Chief of Army Staff Gen V K Singh - A Veteran's Tribute - A Personal View by Dr Subhash Kapila

jun 3rd, 2012 CE

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On day 1 after his retirement the BEML Chief threatened Gen V K Singh with a defamation if he did not apologise for his remarks on the Tatra isue. Congress keeps its opponents busy with legal cases, CBI raids, income-tax demands etc. Is this a shape of things to come.
With his retirement one is forced to read stories in the media about the demilitarization of the Siachen Glacier. Hindustan Times Mumbai carried a front page story today on how keen the Pakis are to get us off Siachen. 


By Dr Subhash Kapila 29/5/2012

“The present Chief will be going out on a moral high. Despite a massive slander campaign launched by the manufactured media and some inimical elements, his reputation as an incorruptible leader and professionally upright commander remains intact. Having faced the wrath of a corrupt, manipulated and prejudiced environment, he will be long remembered for his attempts at cleansing the system”---- Major General (Retd) Mrinal Suman, May 26 2012, in “Sword and Shield” 

Backed by nearly forty years of service in uniform, coupled with years of service as a military diplomat witnessing the workings of the US Army, British Army, Japanese Army and South Korean Army, a veteran’s tribute is in order to the outgoing Indian Army Chief of Army Staff, General V K Singh. This becomes necessary to dispel the haze of manufactured calumny that was let loose against General V K Singh in the wake of his filing the case in the Supreme Court on his age issue.

In this orchestrated campaign to belittle him for daring to step out of line, what stands obliterated are the tremendous and significant contributions made by General V. K Singh to the enhancement of the Indian Army profile in all dimensions.

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