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An appeal from the Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute [donate generously to this mylapore, chennai institution]

jun 10th, 2012 CE

sounds like an excellent cause! we need to revivify sanskrit -- there are great treasures in the crumbling palm-leaf manuscripts.

to put my money where my mouth is, i will be donating to them myself.

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From: Ramanan

Hello Shri Rajeev Srinivasan,

I have attached an Appeal from Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, situated within the sanskrit college campus in Mylapore, Chennai.  As a regular reader of your articles and blog, i was reminded of you when i wanted to share this information with a wider source.

I request you to consider sharing this through your website and other sources that you see fit, to help for  monetary assistance for their research projects and/or to build the corpus fund. 

I visited the institute on the 9th of June 2012, spoke to the deputy director and got the information. The attachments have the details about their projects, needs, bank details and details of exemption from IT department for donations made.

Few points about the institute. 
  • The  Institute at present has only 3 qualified  full-time academic staff and 5 non academic staff and 3 part-time academic and non-academic staff all working with remuneration far less than their counterparts in colleges and universities.  
  • They are not in receipt of any government assistance and is not recognized by state and central government. 
  • The authorities of the Institute would like to encourage Sanskrit studies and employ a few more qualified scholars from younger generation, train them and make them march forward in this field.
  • It houses about 60,000  books, research journals and periodicals from India and abroad, related to Sanskrit and Indological studies. It also has palm script leave collection.
  • The Institute has been publishing the Journal of Oriental Research periodically from its inception till date and it is internationally well known.  
  • The Institute has also published more than 100 books/monographs on different branches like Language, Literature, Philosophy, Yoga, Religion, Aesthetics, Drama and Dramaturgy, Fine Arts like Music and Dance, Bhagavadgita, Vedic studies, Political  studies, Tamil Grammar, Spoken Sanskrit, Epics, Puranas and so on.
  • The approximate annual expenditure is about 1,00,00,000/- (approx $200,000).  Hence the corpus fund needed for the smooth running of the institution would be Rs.10,00,00,000 (approx. equivalent to 2 Million dollars).The interest of 9-10% arising out of this corpus would be used for the annual expenditure.
  • As per my conversation with the deputy director of the institute, they would also be happy to receive donations in kind, like computers, LAN connectivity, an intercom and so on.
  • People also have the option of becoming a life time member of the library, by paying 2000 Indian Rupees (yes, only 2000) and get 8 hard bound books free of cost - including 4 volumes of Mahabashyam of Sage Patanjali (the great vyaakarana treatise) in Sanskrit with English translation,  a text on indian astronomy and mathematics ( sadratnamaalaa by sankaravarman),  encyclopedia of numerals ( volume 1), a critical study of algebra in 16th century india ( biijapallava of krsna daivajna), samkrata and sangitaa and two editions of the journal of oriental research.
Thank you for your time. If you need more clarification, i would be happy to provide.

Warm regards



----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Kuppuswamy sastry reasearch institute 
Sent: Saturday, 9 June 2012 4:51 PM
Subject: Fwd: The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute

Dear sri Ramanan,
      Pranams.  Thank you for your visit and interest in our
activities. I am forwarding herewith the details of our institute.
Thank you for your help
with regards,
Yours sincerely,
The KSRInstitute

Appeal.doc Download this file

Bank particulars for local donors.doc Download this file

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Babu said...

Dear Ramanan,

Iam Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad (A devotee of Lord Krishna), an allopathic medical doctor done Ph.D in Molecular medicine. I want to learn ayurveda and pratice ayurveda in order to attain health for all (At present 70% of the people are diseased). I want to become life member. My Query is that will i get books on ayurveda of english translation whatever is available from your Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute instead of other books you mentioned in your blog site. My best wishes for your great service. Kindly do the needful.

Thanks and My Humble Regards,
Babu Rajendra Prasad