Sunday, May 01, 2016

Quick notes: Silk road, Direct taxes...

  • Modern Silk Road: The rail service linking China and Europe is twice as fast as sea shipment yet twice as expensive, so rail makes sense only for high-value products or goods with short shelf lives.

  • Direct taxes: Only 4% Indians filed Income Tax returns in 2015-16. Maharashtra pays 40% of India's income tax.

  • Solar hurdles: SunEdison bankruptcy floods India market for green projects

  • Videshis go for desi ghee: How 'ghee' made a comeback after research showed that saturated fats have no link to obesity. The sales of top Indian ghee brands like Amul and Gowardhan have risen by nearly 30% over the last year.

  • Avoid refined oils, go for filtered oils:

  • 6 Health Benefits of Ragi: A Wonder Grain

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