Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Quick notes: Chabahar agreement, Defence report card...

  • Imperialist China: India had to stave China off to sign Chabahar agreement with Iran. Japan is said to be contemplating developing the port and an industrial complex in the free trade zone.

  • Modi's defence report card: From about 1.8% of GDP in the UPA's last two Budgets, defence allocations declined to 1.73% in Modi's first two Budgets; and just 1.65% of GDP this year.

  • Fearless warriors: That day a lone Gurkha took out 30 Taliban using every weapon within reach

  • While there is no pill for every ill, there is an ill following every pill: Western science went terribly wrong in treating this universe as a separate non-living entity where man has a right to exploit nature for his benefit... When we teach physiology in medical school, we never stress the inherent capacity of the human body to correct itself without outside help. It is only in an unlikely event that an outside help (doctor) gets to help the system.

  • Bye-Bye: El NiƱo 2015-16 May Finally Have Fizzled

  • Sanskrit origins of Error Correcting Codes:

  • The spiritual core:

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