Friday, May 13, 2016

British Hindu Labourite Exposes Anti-Hindu Prejudice Within Party

British Hindu Labour Party worker highlights the anti-Hindu prejudices among the white leadership running the British Labour Party:
I was honoured when Sadiq asked me to join his campaign for the party’s mayoral nomination as a senior advisor. What happened next was deeply troubling. Supporters of Mr Corbyn took to social media to warn that my appointment would upset Muslims (the language used was much coarser) and might damage Sadiq. My ‘crime’, in the eyes of some of them, was to have worked hard to make Mr Modi’s visit to the UK a success.
Jeremy Corbyn and his clique may be the most virulently anti-Hindu leadership the Labour Party has ever seen. It's under his watch that a spate of anti-semitic utterances have been spouted by various Labour Party officials. Similar attitudes are present towards Hindus - basically anybody who's seen as being in conflict with the Muslim lobby. This faction of Labour sees Muslims as part of their core loyalist base.

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