Thursday, September 17, 2015

State-wise Economic Rankings

We all hear about India's place on various country ranking lists for economic performance, investor friendliness, ease of business, corruption, etc. But the fact is that these nationally-averaged statistics don't show the regional variation that exists from place-to-place across India. The Indian Commerce Dept is now publishing regional/state-based statistics which show the leaders and laggards within India on a state-by-state basis:

There need to be more good ways to clearly identify the winners and losers, which will allow investors to route their capital to the most promising contenders, so that the laggards will also feel the pressure to reform themselves. India's economy and population are very large, and there are some jewels which shine out from the sea of crap. These gems present valuable opportunities for good return on investment, and are more capable and worthy of attracting foreign investment.

After all, why should everybody suffer because the laggards are bringing the entire average down?

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