Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick notes: Cyber-defense, Megapolis...

  • Cisco router break-ins bypass cyber defenses: So far 14 instances of the router implants in India, Mexico, Philippines and Ukraine have been found. "This is the ultimate spying tool, the ultimate corporate espionage tool, the ultimate cybercrime tool," DeWalt said.. Routers are attractive to hackers because they operate outside the perimeter of firewalls, anti-virus, behavioral detection software and other security tools that organizations use to safeguard data traffic. 

  • Megapolis: The story of transformation in Sri Lanka

  • River linking: Andhra Pradesh links Godavari with Krishna

  • The Hindu on Modi's Silicon Valley visit: On pro-Modi.... and on anti-Modi

  • Welcome move: Foreign lingo may go in CBSE schools

  • Maharashtra: Only Marathi-speaking people to get autorickshaw permit

  • What makes you you: You are not your brain or your body

  • Skip the Anti-Bacterial Soap: Regular Suds Work Just as Well

  • Academic fraud:

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