Friday, September 18, 2015

GSLV-D6 Onboard Camera Footage

Here's a short video I found featuring onboard camera footage from the recent GSLV-D6 flight. This is the first time onboard camera footage has ever been released by ISRO to the public. The footage features a view from an internal camera mounted inside the cryogenic upper stage looking downward past the engine bell towards the stage below. It's similar to the kind of scenes made famous from NASA's Apollo footage of Saturn-V stage separations during ascent.

So you'll see more action from 0:30s onward, where the cryogenic upper stage separation occurs. You can see the lower stage being discarded and falling back toward the Earth. We then also see the ring-like interstage which gets discarded -- as it floats away, you can see a small white disc to the right of it, which is actually the Moon.

Meanwhile, work continues on the Chandrayaan-2 mission planned for 2017, which will send a lunar lander and rover to the Moon's surface. Here are comments from ISRO chief Dr S Kiran Kumar:

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